Yoga & Sound
Friday May 7, 6pm-8pm
Friday July 9, 6pm-8pm

Yin Yoga with Dee Walker
Sound Healing with April Swift

Join us monthly on a Friday night for a sacred time to soothe your soul and awaken to your inner self. We begin with an intention setting meditation, welcoming all into our space followed by a 45 minute yin yoga session that aims to rebalance our energetic system while releasing tension from the body and mind. The yin yoga will help us to drop into a peaceful quiet space within, to prepare for our 45 minute Sound Healing session. As we come into Savasana to integrate our Yoga Session, we will bathe in the crystalline frequencies of Sound Healing which will allow you to deepen into your meditation journey and be transported into a deep state of bliss. With 7 Chakra Tuned Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls attuned to ‘Perfect Pitch’ 432hz frequency to create a sound vibration that resonates with the natural harmonic state of the human body and the Earth, bringing harmony and balance, allowing the body to come back into homeostasis for natural healing to occur. Sound Frequency is the medicine of the future, as these crystalline frequencies penetrate deep into our cellular DNA to purify, restore and restructure the cells to their original blueprint. Sound Alchemy has been known to bring clarity and inspiration allowing one to connect with their unique self expression to illuminate from within.⠀

May 7th: Dive to the depths to revolutionise your love.

Journey with us as we dive into the watery depths of our soul to uncover our true values around how we perceive love, abundance and our Earthly realm.  Discover a new way of being attuned to the frequency of LOVE.  Attuned to our unique inner voice and core desires, we can revolutionise our ability to create as we emerge with a stronger foundation and in alignment with our heart.

July 9th: Retreat within to harmonise the feminine & masculine energies in the heart.

We welcome you into a nurturing space, where you can soften and surrender in order to harmonise the sacred dance of the polarities within. As we weave together the feminine and masculine, the yin and yang, the sun and moon, we find peace & balance in our heart space and with a new level of conscious awareness the stillness within becomes our source for creation.

$49 per person per session (incl GST)
BYO mat, pillow, and blanket.
Spaces are limited – book now to avoid disappointment.


Roll & Release
Saturday May 22, 2pm-4pm

with Clare Merrifield

Discover the deeply healing tool of self myofascial release in this two hour workshop. The practice of myofascial release can relieve chronic pain, release areas of tension, restore range of motion, shorten your recovery time, and increase your energy levels. Learn about the anatomy of fascia and what makes for healthy connective tissue. Then experience it for yourself in a therapeutic full-body practice that will leave you feeling blissed out. Walk away with a simple and easy technique that you can apply on your own to revolutionise how you feel in your body.

No yoga experience needed.


  • $35 per person (incl GST) for 2 hour workshop
  • Yoga Medicine Recovery Round Balls are provided for in-class use and also available to purchase.
  • BYO mat and towel.

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