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A dynamic practice where mindful movement and rhythmic breathing come together to create an energising class focused on strength, flexibility, and whole body wellbeing. Open to all levels.


A slower tempo active class with an element of refined alignment and more modifications on offer. The student is encouraged to choose variations appropriate to their energy and skill level. Open to all levels.


A combination of yin yoga, restorative yoga, stretch, and myofascial release. Aimed to help with recovery of tissues, improve mobility while providing a place to rest deeply and soothe the nervous system. Open to all levels.

Yang to Yin

Half a flow class and a half a restore class. Perfect for days when you want to move and be still. Open to all levels.


Starts Sunday 27 February from 9am-10am . For those new to yoga or those wanting to revisit the underlying principles of the vinyasa flow practice, this class introduces foundational yoga postures and helps you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice. Learn how to integrate the foundations of yoga including breathing techniques, alignment, body awareness, and philosophical principles. Discover strength, stability and balance in your body, and become more present with your mind and heart.


Starts Saturday 19 February from 9am-10am. This class will combine gentle strengthening and stretching, relaxation, meditation, and breath awareness, all while learning to create a conscious connection with the body, breath and your growing baby. These classes will also offer an opportunity where expecting mothers can share their experiences with one another.

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