Instinctive Birth Workshop

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

with Abigail Poulton
2 September | 11am-1pm

In this 2-hour workshop, you are invited to practically explore and integrate powerful tools for pregnancy and birth through utilising Yogic practices.

You will be guided through key modifcations to integrate into your yoga practice as a pregnant practitioner. You will be guided through a fear releasing meditation and integrate four key breathing techniques to lean upon when birth time comes.

Be prepared to:

  • Expand your instinctive nature in birth.
  • Deepen your trust in your body’s and babies ability to birth.
  • Stride confidently toward your birthing experience.
  • Hear about a positive and natural birth story
  • Learn about Birth Architecture
  • Feel calmer and more confident while in the birthing vortex.

During this workshop you will traverse invaluable tools and techniques to bolster and scaffold the trust and courage – that is already present – from deep within. Utilising the potent practices of pranayama (breathing in a specific way) and meditation you will leave this workshop feeling more settled and serene as giving birth draws nearer.

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